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I got my business cards today!

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So many cards!

140 – (6 + x)

When your followers retweet you, they add six characters plus the characters of your username to the front of the tweet:

RT @mrtweetydotru:

RT space @[username]: space. If you want the retweet to fit the parameters of Twitter, your usable characters are reduced by however many characters that space takes up. In my case, lucky number 13. So my tweets that I want/hope to see retweeted must be 127 characters.

I see organizations make this mistake more often than people, who typically don’t care about RTs unless they’re super-addicted to Favstar or Klout.

I’m Joining Immix Law Group

I’m pleased to announce that I’m joining the transactional team at Immix Law Group next Monday, the 16th soon – probably next week. (I confess that I jumped the gun a bit on this announcement, and have since learned from the firm that my onboarding will hopefully be next week, but not Monday.) The firm was founded with the intention of providing exceptional service to business clients. After the jump I say gushy things about why I’m joining the firm. In the meantime, if your company/side project/nonprofit needs legal help, I am once again your huckleberry! Continue Reading…

New Sound on SoundCloud: here and there

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